Plastic Materials


Almost all thermoformed packaging and most automotive packaging is manufactured from standard forms of plastic.

The materials that we use most often include:

Thermoforming is a general term for the process of producing plastic parts from a flat sheet of plastic under temperature and pressure.  When combined with advanced finishing techniques, thermoforming can result in products comparable to those produced by injection molding at a fraction of the tooling cost.

• HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene): HMWPE is very light weight and offers good wear and abrasion resistance. It resists water and chemicals, and provides high-mechanical strength. It is also very good for electrical insulation with high-dielectric properties.


• ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene): is the most common plastic for automation dunnage trays and packaging. The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness.   ABS/Centrex – UV resistant products (weatherable) ABS/Korad – UV resistant products, camouflage products (weatherable).

Thermoforming Capabilities


Single-Sheet Thermoforming

• Single-sheet thermoforming involves heating a sheet of plastic, stretching the heated plastic sheet onto or into a mold and evacuating the air, drawing the plastic sheet against the mold to produce the desired shape.

Twin-Sheet Thermoforming

• Twin-sheet thermoforming involves the use of two molds.  Two plastic sheets are heated simultaneously.  One plastic sheet is stretched over each mold and the air is evacuated drawing the plastic sheet against the mold.  The molds are pressed together while the plastic is still hot and the two sheets of plastic mate together to form one part.

• Twin sheet trays and pallets offer increased strength and rigidity over single sheet products.


Our Prototype Former is dedicated to prototype and production samples.

Computer technology is utilized to ensure process predictability and consistency through out the run.

Our equipment


• (2) - 5-Axis CNC

          CNC bed size is 60” x 120”

          CNC bed size is 60” x 60”

• In House Pattern Shop

• (2)- 72” x 120”  Single sheet rotary formers

• 1- 84” x 132”  Twin sheet rotary former

• 1- 90” x 160”  Twin sheet rotary former

• 1- 60” x 70”  Single sheet prototype former

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